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Get to know firsthand the designs and furniture that will catch everyone’s eye and how technology will become a discreet and familiar presence.

The designer Gianni Versace said that black was the quintessence of simplicity and elegance. An opinion shared by other colleagues in the profession, such as Karl Lagerfeld or Donna Karan. Black is a colour that is as popular in fashion as it is in decoration. That’s why we celebrate the commitment to spaces as sophisticated as the image. Black gives the kitchen a different flavour.

The decoration

Learn or relearn how to decorate your home in black and dark tones.

Zaha Hadid’s shadow is long, or rather sinuous. Therefore, although the architect has left, his work remains. And not only in the form of buildings, but transferred to furniture that decorates and embellishes houses with their rounded forms. Furniture that makes rooms softer and makes a nod to the architect who changed everything and left too soon.

Sinuous shapes

Techno furniture is naturally integrated into the home with impeccable design and with the aim of making our lives easier. Refrigerators that inform us of products that are about to expire or recommend the best time to replace ingredients. 

Shades with a strong personality such as orange or passion red enter the house of 2020 without any complexes. Walls, sofas, vase cushions … are dyed in bright colours to welcome spring. Stimulating, they coexist with more classic options such as beige, which will also play a leading role in the coming months, replacing the ubiquitous white.

Bright colours

It is a very hard wood that is also very flexible. This is why bamboo has become one of the most accepted ecological materials by designers and interior architects. Gadgets, cases for mobile devices, bicycles … the list of objects that can be designed with bamboo is endless.

The Year of Bamboo

The applications of the Classic Blue are many and varied. The colour 2020 according to Pantone, stains the spaces of the house giving them serenity and elegance. The bathroom, transformed into a new living room, is one of the spaces where the blue of the year feels most comfortable, but it also colours other rooms such as bedrooms and the kitchen. The beauty of the ocean’s colour is undeniable and will reign not only in the spring, but in every season of the year.

Blue Planet

This decorative element in relief, born in ancient Egypt and which triumphed at the Palace of Versailles, returns with force to enhance and give personality to the walls of our house. Mouldings are also applied to the walls and ceilings, giving them a flattering texture.

The emotional bond we have with a handcrafted object is not comparable to the one we establish with an industrially manufactured product. A handcrafted piece can decorate the domestic landscape throughout life, passing from generation to generation without losing its modernity. This is what the classics have. Competitions such as the potter’s, carpenter’s or cabinet maker’s trade make it visible again, recovering the magic that only craftsmanship possesses.

Modern Handicrafts

The spring print par excellence comes in a larger format than ever before. Roses, poppies and petunias fall on the spaces of homes, large and extravagant. The shapes and colours of the garden at the house of architect Luis Barragán in Mexico City are a rich source of inspiration.

Botanical Garden

Natural materials such as wicker or rattan are desirable, especially in spring. They endow the spaces with personality, while being environmentally friendly. A rattan rug or a wicker lamp elegantly decorates the interior and exterior of the house.

Durable Design

Technology enters our domestic space, but not as a one-time guest, but as another member of the family. It enters, yes, in a subtle way, conveniently camouflaged in a lamp (lamps that are, at the same time, wi-fi speakers) or a bedside table (tables that charge the battery of your mobile phone without cables). In the photo, wireless speakers from Bang & Olufsen .

The technology is subtle

“The most important premise in trying to try an interpretation of Cuban reality and life is to live it, because only then can you begin to understand something, even if you will never understand everything,” explains Cuban writer Leonardo Padura from his homeland. The passions and contradictions of this island converge in a trend that this year will make houses more beautiful and lively.

Cuban inspiration

The lamps occupy a central place, with models so large that they have the same dimensions as a chair. Designers transfer all their creativity to these pieces, making them undisputed queens. Large lamps, like the one in the photo, but also small models with which to create magical corners bathed in soft light that create a warm atmosphere. In the picture, Jaime Hayon’s ceiling lights.

Invest in lamps