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The company 1001Crates offers you for sale a large choice of quality crates sorted and selected. Old and new apple crates, bottle crates, metal crates, military crates, wine crates, fruit and vegetable crates, shelf crates … You will have understood it welcome to the wonderful world of 1001Crates.


As a professional and experienced supplier of apple crates, we have several thousand crates in stock to meet any size order. We are therefore able to supply crates in large quantities at any time of the year.


We have a multitude of different models of crates to meet all your colour and size requirements. Raw, flambé, blue, brown, white, green, grey, bleached or made of old wood, there is something for every taste.

  • Furniture with 4 crates flamed

  • Furniture with 4 crates natural

  • Furniture with 4 crates varnished oak

  • Furniture with 4 crates vintage white

  • Furniture with 4 crates white

  • Furniture with 4 crates vintage grey

  • Furniture with 4 crates dark varnished

  • Bench box “Kamilla” natural


Invented in the 20’s to increase agricultural production and used all over the world as a basis for picking fruit and vegetables from the fields for decades, crates have become over time an excellent way to give your interior a touch of class.


These wooden crates have in recent years been largely diverted from their basic use in favour of decoration and furnishing. These crates will be perfect for any type of interior, from vintage to modern. They will find their place in every room of the house.







In an entrance

The boxes will be perfect to store your shoes, umbrellas, bag… You will be able to create the shoe wall of your dreams. No more mess, no more fighting over the boxes!


In a kitchen

They will make great shelves for your kitchen utensils at a very attractive price. With four casters and four boxes you will get great saddles where you can store your bottles, fruits and vegetables and much more.


In a living room

An antique apple box will bring a touch of originality and will allow you to store your magazine covers… You can make yourself a great library to store all your books, vinyl, records, statue, vintage car and anything else you wish.

In a room

a crate or two stacked on top of each other and you have an original and practical bedside table. You dreamed of a custom-made dressing room at an affordable price? With about twenty apple crates you can finally make it happen. The icing on the cake is that you can modulate them according to your desires and make it evolve along with your wardrobe.


In the playroom

Tired of toys lying around? A crate will be a great toy chest where your child can store all his treasures. With a few apple crates you can make a shelf where your child can display all his constructions or his wonderful doll collection.


OUR PRODUCTS 1001 Crates

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  • Pallet furniture “Sonia” grey

  • Pallet furniture “Sonia” white

  • Lots of “Martin” natural crates

  • Lots of “Martin” flamed crates

  • Lots of “Antonia” vintage blue crates

  • Lots of “Antonia” flamed crates

  • Lots of “Antonia” vintage grey crates

  • Lots of “Antonia” natural crates



Buy 6 identical products and benefit from a 5% discount

Buy 12 identical products and benefit from a 10% discount

Buy 24 identical products and enjoy a 15% discount

Buy 80 identical products and benefit from a discount of 20%



In order to welcome you we offer you a welcome:

-5% off for all orders under 250€.

-10% off for all orders over 250€.


To give you a welcome we offer:



In order to welcome you we offer you UPS delivery of the 69,99€ purchase. Valid throughout europe ! !



As you will have understood the possibilities of use of these boxes are infinite. If you are lacking inspiration or just curious, please feel free to visit our idea gallery.

Our apple crates are also suitable for professional use. It is a great modular design tool for all types of shops. For professionals it’s this way -> Click here