Decorating and garnishing apple crates

Wooden slats, nails and a little imagination are enough to ensure an incredible decoration that can bring out the colours of these more elaborate and expensive pieces of furniture and creations.

If you are a decorating enthusiast and a little bit do-it-yourselfer, we can make authentic works of art for the exterior and interior of your house or apartment or for one of the rooms of your company.

Apple crates, as the name suggests, have always been used to hold and transport vegetables and fruit of all kinds.

Currently, most fruit boxes are made of plastic and even wood, but mainly of low quality or very thin wood, most of them even for single use.

The apple crates that interest us and are more valuable for use in our homes are those made of consistent wood, with a color and appearance that indicates that it is an object that we could classify as Vintage or rustic, even in these , the nails show areas of rust and the stamps of the original marks stained in the wood have lost some of their color and make it difficult to read, yes, these are the ones, we want these apple crates!

If we enter into the decoration of our living room or dining room, perhaps using wooden apple crates for a dining table or chairs, even for the sofa would be too risky and would affect both the durability of the furniture and the effectiveness of our “Invention”, but … Why don’t we make an occasional piece of furniture like a chest of drawers or a chest of drawers (without drawers) or a television cabinet with these boxes?

They allow us to get an extra space inside each apple box to place books, decorations, paintings, personal objects … and also if we place them well hung on the wall, we will get a rigid and stable vertical surface where to place the TV, music, houseplants and a long etcetera.

We can even use wooden apple boxes to literally “wallpaper” an entire wall from top to bottom, with this we will obtain a totally personalized style since you decide how to place the boxes leaving the appropriate spaces between them as you wish to place your decoration and to make the space even more personalized by leaving wall areas visible, we will be able to give our house a very pleasant rustic style.

The apple crate can be a perfect auxiliary board or a center if you join several, they wheels a place it at the bottom to allow you to move the board easily and even a glass at the top, in a simple way to get a very low expense table.these crates also allow you to place them on the walls to get improvised shelves of very good taste, you can also join several or place them randomly.

In the bedroom they can also be used as a bedside table or as an occasional piece of furniture, it is a question of giving imagination.

Terraces, gardens, balconies or porches can be an excellent place to enjoy our decoration with apple crates, we will get beautiful planters and shelves to hang the most original plants, but we must not forget that for outdoor spaces, we must Be careful, special outdoor lacquers or prepared paints can be the perfect ally to enjoy for years to come our personalized decoration with wooden apple crates .

We also have many more models , with ink, with wheels or simply as an original wooden box in different sizes so you can use it as you wish, you can see them all on the following link .

If you want your cash register to be always different, you can give it a personalized touch with the many paints and lacquers you can find in specialized stores.

Let your imagination run wild and decorate your style with less than you think.

And if you decide, don’t hesitate to send us pictures of your creations, we love to share your art with our followers.

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