For Professionals


Our apple crates, bottle crates, military crates, wooden crates, metal crates, shelf crates… Basically used by professionals in agriculture and industry or in the military field. The crates and especially the apple crates are very suitable for professional use. Whether purchased or rented, they will be very much appreciated. By all professions for their solidity, storage capacity and its strong decorative power.

We are used to working with many professionals, and the constraints that this implies. This has allowed us to acquire an experience that we would be delighted to share with you. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone. We offer competitive and decreasing rates according to quantities. Do not hesitate to send us your request for a quote by clicking here.


You like the concept of apple crates and you wish to buy some for your professional activity. But you lack of ideas, we have prepared a list of suggestions for use. You can also visit our idea gallery.


Retail stores

the apple boxes will be a great tool for decoration and storage the advantage of the apple box seals is the modularity which will allow you to change your decoration and your layout constantly over the seasons and arrivals the apple box will also have the advantage of being very competitive in terms of price compared to standard shelves. On average, it will cost you 40% less than a standard layout. We also offer a personalization service that will allow you to match the crate to your store by adding your logo. Or you can also use it as a signage display to guide your customers. If you are interested in this service do not hesitate to send us your request for a quote by clicking here (50 cases minimum). Don’t forget to attach to your request a file in vector format of the font or logo you want on the checkout.


Street vendors

Part of the difficulty of this profession lies in the unloading and reloading of its goods. The apple crate is a working tool that will improve the life of any itinerant merchant. Very practical, it can be used to store the goods in the vehicle, but it can also be transformed in a few seconds into super shelves. For the most do-it-yourselfer after a few hours of work. The apple box will allow you to make original and practical displays to present your products in the best possible way.


Event agency / Wedding planer

Very trendy and appreciated by many people. The apple crate is an original service to propose to your customers. Very practical and aesthetic, it will serve you for decoration and transport. It will be suitable for: weddings, fairs, ephemeral shops, private parties, festivals, country brunch … we offer all our products for purchase is for rent if you want to know more about renting IT not to consult the dedicated page by clicking here.


Craftsmen / carpenter / metallic

Crates are the perfect raw material for your creations. It can be used in the manufacture of many pieces of furniture. Raw painted or transformed you will be able to manufacture with it: Tables, chairs, chests of drawers, shelves, cupboards, garden furniture, desks, children’s rooms, musical instrument cases, wine cellars and much more. Your customers will undoubtedly appreciate the touch of vintage and authenticity brought by your crates to your creations. The crate is made of recycled materials and is therefore inexpensive. It will be accessible for all budgets. We have crates especially dedicated to wood craftsmen. These crates are partially broken and therefore unsaleable to the general public. We propose them to you at very very attractive prices. They are only sold by pallets. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us by mail by clicking here. You can also choose from our large choice of crates in good condition.


Decorator interior designer

the apple crate has proven itself for years in decoration for its charm and practicality. It is suitable for any type of interior. If you wish to stand out from the competition, it is an accessory to propose in your catalogue. With the crates and more particularly the apple crates you will be able to arrange many different places. Professional places such as: Shops, offices, restaurants, hairdressing salons, workshops, hairdressing salons… And in places expensive individuals: A living room, a kitchen, a children’s room, a terrace, a dressing room, a laundry room, a cellar, a storeroom … the box has limits only your imagination. For special requests or the most demanding customers we manufacture custom-made crates. Do not hesitate to send us your request. Accompanied by a drawing with precise dimensions and the characteristics of assembly, colours, materials, flocking. And the quantity of box you want (100 boxes minimum).

Office / Start-up

Whether it is used: as a pouffe, bench, desk, shelf, counter… It will be perfect to embellish and give a touch of originality to your workspace. The ideal apple box for storing A4 documents. Its double use will allow it to be used both for storage and storage of your documents. Very solid, it will last a long time. At the end of the year think of the apple box for your corporate gifts. Once flocked has the image of your company. It is ideal to offer to your customers for example: a basket filled, an assortment of your products.


Bar / Bistro / Restaurant

If you have bet your kitchen on authenticity and the use of fresh products. The apple crate will be perfect for your establishment. Use in furnishing or decoration. It will reinforce the authenticity of the place in which it is located and will bring a touch of terroir and originality to your decoration. And thus to distinguish you from the competition. For example, you can use it for: The presentation of fresh products due days. It will also be very economical for the manufacture of: counters, benches, footstools, benches, coffee tables … if you lack inspiration do not hesitate to consult our idea gallery by clicking here.


Retailers ( Florist / Decoration store, DIY, antique shop…)

apple crates are very trendy and hard to find. It will make a great product to offer in your store. It will make you stand out from your competitors. As a supplier of professional apple crates we have large quantities of crates in stock. This allows us to be very reactive and to deliver to you as soon as possible. We supply shops all year round throughout France. Our prices being very attractive your margin will be preserved.


Then as you will have understood it but possibility with the apple case are you finished. Professional whatever your sector of activity the apple crate is made for you! So don’t hesitate to contact us by phone if you wish to discuss your project in person. You can also reach us by email by clicking here. Or by using the contact form below.