White “Rolly” boxed table with glass top


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 37.79 x 24.40 x 16.92 inch
  • Open on both sides
  • Wheels included
  • Glass plate included


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White “Rolly” boxed table with glass top


The “Rolly” coffered table is a white wooden coffee table. It is made of 6 connected boxes under a glass top. The “Rolly” table is a very modern piece of furniture. Its structure is made of box, with a glass surface formed by a tray. According to your needs, you can use the compartments. Let yourself be seduced by this innovative and avant-garde coffee table which will fit perfectly in any room of the house with a modern decoration.

Wooden crates were invented in the 1920s to increase agricultural production. They have been used all over the world, first for the collection of fruit and vegetables in Europe and then in the fields of the mobde for decades. Wooden boxes and crates have become over time an excellent and practical way to transport its necessities. It is also a new way to give your interior a touch of class.


1001 and an apple crate to store and/or furnish 1001 inside or outside.


Wooden crates are practical and fun. Moreover, use and reuse the crates endlessly as you wish. Specialized in this field, we have several thousands of empty crates in stock to satisfy each of your requests in small and large quantities at any time of the year. Choose from our selection of models, different colors and sizes of crates. Raw, flambé, blue, brown, white, green, grey, bleached or in old wood, there is something for every taste. Wooden crates have been largely diverted from their basic use for a few years now in favour of decoration and furnishing. This table in white “Rolly” boxes with a glass top will be perfect for any type of interior, from vintage to modern. It will find its place in every room of the house.

Most importantly, the crates are clean and treated.

The use of wooden crates is infinite, now what will be yours?

  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 37.79 x 24.40 x 16.92 inch
  • Open on both sides
  • Wheels included
  • Glass plate included


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37.79 x 24.40 x 16.92 inch




17.63 Lb

Composed of

6 Crates


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