Decorate and furnish with wooden boxes

Here we go, let’s start with lots of ideas and inspiration!

Wooden boxes are a trend seen in many magazine and interior design photos. We have seen them decorate thousands of homes. So, if you like this idea and you are wondering how to take advantage of it and introduce it in your interior decoration, I bring you today a lot of inspiration to decorate and furnish it with wooden boxes .

Wall shelves

Wooden boxes to hang on the wall.

For the wall, we can make fantastic shelves out of wooden boxes. As you can see on the picture, they can be painted to taste but I advise you to take care of the colours according to the stay and the goal you want to achieve.

Kitchen shelf with wooden boxes

Dishwasher shelf in the kitchen

Another idea for the wooden boxes is to make a piece of furniture, in the photo it is a practical and accessible china cabinet. Don’t add too much weight because it depends on the wooden boxes but some of them don’t have much resistance. For this you will need guides for the drawers and four wheels in case you want it to be mobile so you can move it when you want and where you want.

And the latest novelty is to stack boxes of fruit in separate spaces. If you have a large space like a living room that you want to give to different environments, try stacking boxes of different sizes and wood, creating a kind of wall. You will gain storage capacity and divide the room in a creative and very original way. To make it even more comfortable, sprinkle the room with clean decorative elements, such as light boxes with letters and complete the atmosphere with a light-coloured hammock.

Personalized magazine rack

Anyway, the wooden crate serves us well.

You have a shipment of magazines and you don’t know where to keep them? Here’s the solution: if you have a wide aisle, you can organize a very decorative magazine rack with stacked boxes painted in colour. Three models have been put together here, and to create a more relaxed effect, the boxes have been arranged in alternating colours.

Storage cabinet

To have all the toys for our little ones.

In the picture the wheels have been added to make the wooden crate more practical and fun if you want your children to get into the routine of picking up their toys. Also, label the boxes so that at a glance they know where everything is. Besides being a practical idea, it’s also very decorative. Wooden boxes are upgradeable and make an original storage unit.

Wooden box for dividing a room

Original non ?

This library has three advantages: it is very efficient, it is used to separate and furnish environments and, in addition, you can adapt it to your needs. Here, a total of 16 boxes were used and were combined in two finishes, natural and painted white, for a more casual effect. The wooden boxes are brand new.

An extra seat

Single footstools

If you live near a greengrocer or a market, you will see them every day always on the ground or stacked in a corner. When the day of the sale ends, they almost always end up in the dumpster. Well, don’t be ashamed to go, because without spending money, we can use these boxes to make furniture or decorate our house.

What do you think of the idea of decorating with fruit tins? Without forgetting the main function of fruit tins. In addition to using them as a decorative element, take advantage of them to store objects. You can use them to stack binders, store kitchen gadgets or simply apply their original function and store fruit or vegetables in them. In 1001 boxes you will find smooth fruit boxes without any inscriptions, but also boxes with a name, sealed or simulating a brand. Use the texture provided by these vintage effect boxes to decorate your classic shelves with a modern touch.