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Wooden crates

Discover our selection of wooden crates. Old crates, new crates, bottle crates. Or even crates for animals as well as batches of crates. First of all, find the crate that suits your needs. Secondly, you can store and/or furnish the interior and exterior of your home as you wish. Thirdly, appreciate the competitive and decreasing price of our selection. 1001 and an apple crate to store and/or furnish 1001 inside or outside. Practical and fun wooden decorative crates. In addition, use and reuse the crates endlessly according to your desires. On the one hand as a storage module for your organisation and on the other hand as a container to transport your belongings. In the same vein, use the crates as a storage object, for example to store what you need.

Above all, it is important that the crates are clean and tidy.

The use of wooden crates is endless, now what will be yours?

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