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5 ideas for creating shelves with wooden boxes

Making shelves out of wooden boxes is a classic in the DIY world. And that’s because few objects have given more of themselves and with such good results. Shelves made from boxes, whether recycled or new, have such charm that they can revitalize a boring corner in an instant. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at one of the 5 ideas we have for you today.

What type of wood should you choose for your furniture?

Depending on the piece of furniture you wish to acquire, not all types of wood will be appropriate. Be aware that oak, walnut, birch, teak (among others!) are woods that, once dried, are very hard, so they are perfect for furniture that is very exposed to blows and scratches. On the contrary, pine and fir are soft woods that are very shock-resistant. A pine desk or table will therefore be damaged more quickly! You can drive a nail into it and leave a trace…

D.I.Y reading corner for two wooden pallets

I love palette furniture. In fact, I think I love it for the same reason that I am so intrigued by Anthropology’s showcases – the idea of taking something that no one wants and turning it into something useful and/or beautiful resonates with me. An ostrich made of book pages? Lovely! A giant crown made of old books? Fabulous!