Become a crate reseller

You are manager or owner of a shop of decoration, do-it-yourself, a flea market, a warehouse sale, a sale, a flower … you appreciate the quality of our apple crates, bottle crates, military crates, wooden crates, metal crates, shelf crates …


You are a professional our products interest you and you wish to propose them to your customers in your shop. Excellent idea, indeed the crates are very trendy at the moment. Popular and all-purpose, they will easily seduce your customers. And the icing on the cake is that they will also be able to do so. To be used for decoration or layout of your store. And thus have extra shelves to store your products. Your customers will also find it easier to imagine them at home.


As a professional cash register supplier, we have extensive experience in B2B. We also have large volumes of cash registers in stock. We are thus in capacity of you quickly in all France whatever quantities are there. Our prices are attractive and degressive which will allow you to make a comfortable margin. And this by selling the cases at reasonable prices and especially accessible to all.


Do not wait any more to contact us by using the form below or by e-mail. Or if you prefer to talk to us in person you can also call us directly.


How to become a partner reseller?


You just have to send us by e-mail to the following address: or by phone at +33 6 71 75 86 07 the following documents :


Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale initialled and signed

A stamped and signed letterhead

A Statement of Bank Identity.

An extract of from the Trade and

Companies Register

An intra-community VAT number.


The reseller of the finished product supplies himself directly to our company and then resells the products. It is very important to carefully select your products for resale. Indeed, the quality of the product is a key point in any trade. Indeed, it is necessary to have a product that sells well and totally satisfies the consumers.