5 ideas for creating shelves with wooden boxes

Making shelves out of wooden boxes is a classic in the DIY world. And that’s because few objects have given more of themselves and with such good results. Shelves made from boxes, whether recycled or new, have such charm that they can revitalize a boring corner in an instant. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at one of the 5 ideas we have for you today.

The fact is that you already have your boxes ready, ready to decorate and turn them into shelves with wooden boxes hanging on the wall.

All you have to do is decide what use you are going to give it and in which room of the house you are going to install it. If you need ideas for inspiration, we show you 5 ways to use wooden boxes to make shelves.

Shelves with wooden crates as kitchen furniture

This idea seemed very original to me and, moreover, it is surprising how easy it is to realize. The idea is to replace the kitchen’s high units with a few wooden boxes of different shapes and sizes painted in white and light blue to match the rest of the kitchen furniture.

In this case, new wooden boxes were used, conveniently painted inside and outside with two coats of acrylic paint. In this way, you can give wings to your creativity and vary the effects or even create new ones. Paint the boxes only on the outside and leave the wooden interiors, for example, or change the colours that suit you best.

When hanging them on the wall, you can place the boxes horizontally or vertically, interspersed but occupying a strip of the wall, with no protrusions too far on either side.

Interspersed and arranged in a tower

This is a very original way to compose shelves with wooden boxes. This may be because the shape of the boxes differs greatly from one another (some are even shaped like a house), or because they are painted in different colours inside or outside.

Either way, the resulting library will look great in any space. What’s more, since it’s a matter of assembling boxes and holding them with screws, you can compose the shelf according to the space you need to cover, the desired height and the shape you prefer.

With old boxes

Source: Homedit

A great way to recycle wooden boxes, whether they come from old fruit boxes or anything else, is to form these beautiful displays as wall shelves with them. In this case, they have been set up in the dining room to show off the porcelain .

Between the rustic beauty of the wood of the boxes and the muted shine of the white and blue porcelain, the whole could not be more decorative.

A tip: if you have several old wooden boxes and each one has a different colour, you can apply a coat of walnut or wood stain. This will give them a very nice dark tint and unify the tone of all the boxes.

In the children’s room

Do you want an idea to decorate the walls of your children’s room? Put small shelves with wooden boxes on the wall and you can kill two birds with a stone: bet on order and liven up the wall.

They don’t have to be very big; that way, you’ll prevent them from putting in too much stuff and ending up deleting it.

Here’s an idea: paint the boxes as you like and line the background with bits of wallpaper you have at home. Adhesive vinyls can also help. Nice, don’t you think?