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We didn’t fall into the crates of birth ! In order to get to know the 1001crates.com company better. And to understand how we became 1 supplier of apple crates in France. We are going to explain to you in a few lines the genesis of the 1001crates.com website


A few years ago now, we had an itinerant business in a vintage English bus from the 80s called “RETROC’S the small itinerant thrift store” with which we travelled the roads of Brittany to sell wonders.

The apple crates, being very practical and already very trendy at the time. We had decided to use them as a tool of arrangement and decoration. For the storage and presentation of clothes and accessories in our mobile thrift store bus.

Despite the great success, the originality of this concept, our dynamism and following a fire, many administrative and technical difficulties arose. Becoming more and more oppressive we were forced to stop our activity after only a few years.

We found ourselves with dozens of crates on our hands. A good part of them were placed in our house by my wife for decoration and storage. And we decided to put the remaining boxes on sale. We soon found ourselves short of stock in front of the demand.

So we started looking for new models of boxes. We went through flea markets, barter flea markets, attic spaces, auction rooms, farms… to find the rare gem. We gradually developed our network of customers and suppliers, and then created a website. That’s how 1001crates.com was born, now you know everything !

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1001Crates is a small, young and dynamic company. Wholesaler specialist of apple crates. And more widely professional and supplier of crates. Indeed 1001Crates offers you a large range of old and new apple crates, bottle crates, metal crates, military crates, wine crates, fruit and vegetable crates, shelf crates… .…


Proud of our beautiful region, Brittany. Our head office is based in Finistère in Douarnenez. A small fishing town 30km from Quimper is 70km from Brest. Probably one of the most beautiful cities in Brittany !

Our motto and principles are: “Quality and customer satisfaction first”.

These commitments and our professionalism have allowed us and still allow us to work with many companies. Proud of our collaborations with companies or partners of public notoriety we invite you to consult our dedicated page. “They trusted us” by clicking here.

Thanks to our experience and our network we buy large batches of crates all over Europe. And sometimes even in the rest of the world. All these efforts allow us to offer you a wide choice of apple crates, wine crates, military crates, bottle crates, fruit and vegetable crates, metal crates, shelf crates, etc… And all as different and original as each other … And this at competitive and decreasing prices, we are on average 30 % cheaper than our competitors suppliers of crates.

All the storage of our crates is outsourced for logistical matters in the south of France. This outsourcing allows us to professionally store more than 20,000 crates at any one time.  And so you can be sure of high reactivity and logistic flexibility. In order to respond to your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are an ambitious company always looking for new opportunities and we are open to all proposals for collaboration and partners. Companies, stat-ups, bloggers, photographers, artists, craftsmen, journalists…  we look forward to your suggestions and will consider any request. So please feel free to call us to discuss them in person. Where you can contact us by email in clicking here.

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