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I present you with a selection of tables made with palettes that we have made to inspire you and dare to create your own for your home, so sit down and write down all the ideas that come up according to your needs. We assure you that it’s great to put it where you put it. Let’s get started!

Simple coffee table

Simple and elegant pallet coffee table

The first one to show you is this coffee table for the dining room or the garden, it’s a classic. What they have done here is give a touch of varnish to the wood, add some simple wheels to put it where you want and on top of that they put a sheet of glass.

Single double height coffee table on wheels

Double height single coffee table with wheels.

In this coffee table, as you can see, it’s very similar to the previous one, but what they’ve done is they’ve increased the height and they’ve added two more pallets. It’s a good idea because we can also use it for the days when we have dinner on the couch and also in the spaces that are left between the pallets we can use it to store magazines, newspapers, the shelf, whatever you want to have on hand when you are on the couch.

Coffee table with 5 wheels

Coffee table with concrete top with 5 wheels.

Another example of a coffee table is the one we see below, which is also very similar to the first one we saw at the beginning of the message, but in this one they changed the glass for some concrete plates and because of the large amount of weight, they added a few more wheels in the middle to distribute the weight on the table.

Palette coffee table with vintage decoration

Table with palette with vintage elements

What follows is this one that we can classify as a very vintage coffee table, what they did to make the retro look complete with the vintage decoration was, to get a pretty old palette, even something broken by some pieces and also they added two old wheels in the middle to be able to move it.

Cut pallet coffee table

Elongated pallet with space at the bottom to place what you want

In this picture, the roles change somewhat from the typical square table. They cut the pallet in half, they joined the two parts to make a long table and so we cover almost everything on the sofa, it’s a good option for the guests. And finally, to give it a Nordic and more welcoming touch, they have painted it white but no wheels have been added, that is to say that it is fixed in this area.

Cut pallet coffee table with casters

Another long table but with glass above already low.

In this one here, what they’ve done is they’ve cut a table off the top of the pallet, they’ve put the tables a little bit further apart and they’ve left space underneath to be able to put whatever you want. To give the wood more lustre, they gave it a coat of varnish and this time they added four wheels so you can move it whenever you want. And to finish off the accessories, they choose to put a sheet of glass at the top and bottom.

Coffee table with pallet slats

A different table with pallets with slats.

And to finish with the inspiration of the pallet coffee tables, we leave this one to you, of which we were delighted by the fact of using only the tables on the pallets and giving it a different touch on one of them with the turquoise colour and also played by placing them at different heights holding them with four aluminium bars in the corners.