Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to summarize all the frequently asked questions. After carefully reading the answers to the questions below. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form by clicking here.

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I would like to buy 10 cases. Is it possible to get a discount?

Yes, you’ll get a discount. All our cases are proposed with decreasing rates according to the quantity purchased. Discounts apply for all our models of cases. It starts as soon as you buy five cases per model purchased. Following the same discount table that we will detail below :

Nb of crates buy





Discount applied in %

5 %

10 %

15 %

20 %

To benefit from these discounts you don’t have to do anything, the discount is applied automatically. The total of your discount will be displayed in your shopping cart. The discounts applied automatically being already important. You will understand that no other discount can be granted. For purchase quantities less than the one mentioned in the table. Thank you for your understanding.

Are your old crates in good condition?

We strive to sort and select the crates in order to offer the best crates and only crates in good condition. However, it should not be forgotten that these crates are more or less old. Some of them have been used for the intensive collection of fruits and vegetables in the fields. They can therefore have some damage and traces of wear and tear present. But that’s all it makes its charm and gives them a beautiful inimitable patina. For the most demanding customers, or if you want a crate in perfect condition, we advise you to look at our new crate models.

Are your antique crates being washed? Or does it arrive raw?

We would dry prewash the crates after sorting. We voluntarily choose not to wash our crates with water. So as not to damage their beautiful patina. Our crates are therefore not “dirty”. However, plant debris and traces of earth may remain in them. For the most careful and demanding people we advise you to plan a rewashing. In order to obtain the desired degree of cleanliness. For this purpose we advise you: light washing: dry with a soft brush, heavy washing: with soap and water using a sponge We advise you to be careful and not to press on the markings when passing over them so as not to erase or alter them.

Where do your apple crates come from?

Antique crates: Being more and more difficult to find. And in order to have a wide variety of choices. Antique crates come from all over the world. We collect them from farmers, auction houses, antique dealers, military surplus, private individuals… New crates: Our apple crates are made in Europe (Germany, Poland, Spain). For their manufacture only certified responsible wood is used. We ensure that the manufacture of our crates respects environmental and social ethics. This is why we have refused to work with Asian countries.

Is it possible to customize your crates? Or to create a custom crate?

In order to respond to the most precise request and to fully satisfy our customer. We offer a hot stamping flocking service from 50 cases upwards. This allows you to add a logo, a drawing or typography. You will be able to personalize your case with the image of your association or company. And for private individuals you can for example: Write the name of your child, your partner, your pet. If you opt for a visual, you will get a personalized crate with the effigy of your idol or your favorite characters from series or cartoons. We also have a custom wooden crate manufacturing service. Many types of wood and options are available. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone. You can also send us your request directly by e-mail by clicking here . Don’t forget to send us a drawing or a 3D model with precise dimensions and the characteristics of assembly, colours, materials, flocking. And the quantity of box you want. Due to the costs of design and technical implementation this option is only available from a minimum of 100 boxes.

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How to use our facet filter correctly? To make it easier for you to navigate our site?

In order to facilitate your search we have set up a facet filter on our site. The faceted filter is a tool that allows you to search for one or more products in your search criteria that can be :

  • the dimensions
  • Colour
  • Seniority
  • Strength
  • The size

To use the facet filter, simply check or uncheck the boxes according to your criteria.

  • You uncheck a box: You remove from the search results the products with the characteristic of the unchecked box.

For example : you uncheck the box “Red” in the “Color” section, the boxes that are red will no longer be displayed.

  • You tick a box: You add to the search results the products having the characteristic of the ticked box.

For example: you check the box “50x41x31” in the “Dimension” section, all boxes with these dimensions will be displayed.

  • You check or and uncheck several. You will then obtain very precise search results.

For example : if you wish to display only the red boxes, you will have to uncheck all the other boxes in the “color” section. I think now you’re ready to use the facet filter. In order to find the crate or crates you like! If you still have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. In the subject line of your e-mail you will find “Problem using the facet filter”.

How does an order on work ?

You have made your choice from our wide range of crates. And you have validated your order:

  1. We will send you an e-mail confirming your order.
  2. We prepare your package within a maximum of two days.
  3. When you send your package you will receive an email confirmation of shipment indicating the tracking link of your package.
  4. You will receive an email 48 hours before delivery indicating the day of passage of the deliveryman.
  5. You will receive a second email the morning of your delivery indicating the time of passage of the delivery man.
  6. Your package is delivered! All you have to do now is to take advantage of the crates
How much does delivery cost?

We offer free delivery for orders over 99 € for all orders shipped to France. Below this amount, you will be charged for delivery:

  • 15€ up to 69€ of purchase
  • FREE above 69€ of purchase
What is the delivery time?

La livraison s’effectue dans un délai de 7-8 jours ouvrée. Elle est à réaliser par le transporteur UPS.

What means of payment is accepted?

Safety is paramount for us and our customers. All our payments are secure, with card payments made on the Vivawalett platform. We also accept other payment methods: Bank transfer, Paypal. For payment by bank transfer or check, postal and banking information will be available after the validation of your order. You can download them directly by clicking here.

Is it possible to rent your crates for weddings or events?

All our products are offered for rent and purchase. If you would like more information about renting, please go to the dedicated page by clicking here.

I just received my crates. One of them was damaged or broken in transit. How can I get it damaged?

Carriers and delivery men, being sometimes not very delicate, it happens that some crates arrive slightly damaged or totally broken. Before accepting the package we advise you to check its external condition. If however you could not make this control or that this one did not make it possible to detect damaged or broken boxes. Do not panic. We will of course compensate you. Two solutions are available to you:

  • A refund : You don’t need the crates where you changed your mind. And you wish to get a refund, this is possible. To do so, just send us your bank details by e-mail. In order to confirm your request, we ask you to attach a photo of a damaged cash register to your refund request. After examination of your request, if the answer is favorable. We or you will fully refund the broken boxes within a maximum of seven days.


  • Return new cases : send us a list of the damaged cases and supporting photos. After examining your request, we will send you back the boxes in question. However, if you would like us to return a different model of crate than the one you originally ordered, please contact us. But in the same price range. This is perfectly possible, just specify this in your request.

Use of the 1001 Crates

Do I have to screw the crates together to make a floor?

For security reasons and as a preventive measure. We recommend five or more rows of boxes in height. To fix the apple crates to each other using sights. Or against your wall using cleats or dowels. We also recommend that you make sure the floor is flat before installing your shelf. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to add spacers so that the first row is perfectly level. For this we strongly advise you to use a spirit level.

Can I paint or repaint your crates?

You can easily repaint our apple crates. This is quite simple we explain the different steps below:

  1. Washing : For the old crates start by washing it. You can do this dry with a nylon brush or with water and Marseille soap. If you have washed your crate with water let it dry before proceeding to step number two. For new crates you can go directly to step 2.
  2. Sanding : this step is only useful if you are using old crates. Or if you want a smooth texture for your crate. Using a sanding block with sanding paper or an electric sander. Gently sand your apple crate in the direction of the wood. Whichever tool you use, we advise you to use an abrasive with a grain between 80 and 150. The 80 grit being a coarser paper you will get a coarser result while the 50 grit will give you a smooth finish. In order to partially or totally eliminate all the small roughnesses of the wood. If you are using an electric sander, take it easy. And be careful of any nails in the wood, as they could damage your sanding material.
  3. The Undercoat: If you wish to varnish or insure your case you can go directly to the last step. The undercoat is not essential. However it will be strongly recommended that you apply an undercoat if you wish to recoat a dark coloured case in a light colour. At the risk of not getting a nice tint or the desired colour. The undercoat is a white paint. Which you have to apply like paint with a brush or and roller. Make sure you don’t miss any parts.
  4. The 1st coat of paint or varnish: If you have applied an undercoat make sure before you proceed to the last step. Make sure it is dry. This is the time to paint your crate, so you can use a paint roller or a brush. You can also use a can of paint or varnish. This solution is very practical and fast. Moreover the use of the spray can will allow you to avoid the purchase of tools and a washing session. The only constraint of your method is that it must be carried out outside. At the risk of intoxicating yourself and repainting your interior! After finishing this first coat let your crate dry.
  5. The 2nd coat of paint or varnishing : Whatever the technique used to paint or varnish your apple crate this step is not mandatory. It depends on the final tint you want for your crate. If you want a very bright or intense color, this step is essential. In order to increase the adhesion of the second coat. We advise you to re-sand your bodywork very lightly. To do this, use an abrasive with a very fine 180 and 240 grain. The second coat of paint is applied as the first coat with the technique of your choice.
  6. Drying : This is undoubtedly the simplest and most passive step. You just have to leave your boxes in a place that is neither too hot nor too dry. With a temperature ideally between 14°- 18° and a humidity between 50 -60%. Then leave your crates to dry for a few hours or overnight. The drying time depends on the drying conditions, the technique and the product used. Your crate is now ready for use.
  7. Customisation / Personalisation : Once the paint or varnish on your crate is dry. You can use it right away. But you can go further and customize it by using for example: stencils, stickers, glitter, wheels…. For the more daring, you can also customize it by adding hot stamping, engraving, fabric covering… and much more. Now it’s up to you to let your imagination and your creative spirit speak for itself! ! !

If you are short of ideas do not hesitate to consult our idea gallery by clicking here.

How much weight can an apple bear? Can you sit on it?

This depends on the model of the cash register concerned. If you want to sit on your cash register or design seating furniture. We advise you to buy only new cash registers with internal reinforcements”.

Can I put my apple crates outside?

Yes you can use our apple crates outside. It’s even a very good idea indeed the apple crate is very suitable for outdoor use. It can be used as an original piece of furniture on a terrace or as a flower box in a garden. It could also be used to store your barbecue utensils or gardening accessories. And of course for its original function the collection of fruits and vegetables in the fields. However, if you want a better resistance to bad weather, we advise you to treat it with a fungicide product. This will prevent the wood of the garden boxes from being attacked by pests or mould. If you wish to use it in garden boxes or mini vegetable garden. You can also protect the inner part of the crate in direct contact with the soil with a tarpaulin or a relatively thick plastic bag. This will further improve the lifespan of your garden box.

Can I use the apple crate to store comic books and vinyls?

The majority of our crates measure 50X41X31 cm. A vinyl case generally measures 30.5×30.5 Cm. The majority of our apple crates will therefore be perfect for storing vinyl. You will be able to make a super shelf in a vinyl case. As far as comic books are concerned. They generally measure 365X265 or 345X250, you will have to choose our largest crate models. Hungry for wood to store your favorite comics. To make your search easier do not hesitate to use the faceted filter to display only the products with the dimensions you want. If you don’t know how to use the facet filter. Please refer to the question “How to use our facet filter correctly” above.

If after reading this page carefully. You still have questions if you where you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us.